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Cass Mortimer Eipper is a distinguished director, filmmaker, and choreographer, celebrated for his pioneering fusion of stage and cinematic arts. His signature works, known for their inventive visual language and choreographic ingenuity, have captivated audiences from Australia to Europe, India, Canada, and the U.S.A.


Leveraging his vast experience in both choreography and film-making, Cass crafts compelling video campaigns for leading institutions such as Bangarra Dance Theatre, Sydney Theatre Company, and Sydney Opera House.


His notable dance films, produced in collaboration with entities like Australian Dance Theatre, Trey McIntyre Project, Queensland Ballet and ADC showcase his adeptness at blending movement with cinematic storytelling.

Cass has choreographed for esteemed companies, including Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal, Sydney Dance Company, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Milwaukee Ballet, and West Australian Ballet. His work Grey Rhino, co-created with Charmene Yap for Sydney Festival, has been widely recognised for its groundbreaking artistic innovation, receiving critical acclaim for its bold conceptual execution...

His accolades include prestigious awards such as:

  • Most Outstanding Male Dancer at The Helpmann Awards.

  • Best Dance Film at the Global Short Film Awards Cannes.

  • Best International Director at the Lisbon Screen Dance Festival.

  • Best Dance Film at the Portland Dance Film Festival.

  • Best Dance Film at the Toronto FEF Dance and Music Festival.

  • Best Dance Film at STIFF, USA.

  • Most Outstanding Performance at the Rome International Choreography Competition.

  • Most Outstanding Choreography at the West Australian Dance Awards.


Cass has emerged as a pivotal figure in contemporary performing arts, uniquely merging choreographic finesse with cinematic flair. His work not only captures the imagination of audiences but also sets a high standard for innovation and artistic expression in the interdisciplinary fields of dance and film.

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